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.75 oz Catnip Container

.75 oz Catnip Container

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.75 oz Catnip Container

Sugar and Spice Catnip is a great way for your cat to play while continuing to promote a safe, active, healthy lifestyle. Planted, grown and harvested at the peak of season to ensure the best plant quality, potency, and essential oil aroma the provides. Made in the USA.

Ingredients: Catnip leaves & flowers.

No Preservatives - No Artificial Ingredients - Natural - Safe -Organic - Nontoxic

Direction for use: Rub a generous pinch between your hands to release the oils. Offer the catnip loose, in a toy or rub in on a scratching post. Do not store in direct sunlight. For maximum freshness store in a cool dark place.

Advice for Use: Observe your cat's behavior to determine suitability, as some products may not be in the best interest of your cat.  Contact your veterinarian with questions, concerns or emergency situations.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Intended for cat use only. Do not take internally. Monitor your cat while treating.

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